Database Services

Powering your Marketing Communications with our Data Services...

The benefits of improving your data ripple through all your future marketing activities and the cost savings and improved campaign results make your return on investment improve with every inbound and outbound marketing message.

Good data is the cornerstone of all successful demand generation strategies. Every mis-targeted or mis-timed email you send is a clear message to your prospective customers that you simply don’t understand them.

A clean, standardized database ensures you maximize reach, relevance and response – and minimize opt-outs. Only when you have full confidence in your data can you exploit the full potential of marketing intiatives to trigger highly personalized campaigns in real time.

Data Validation & Enrichment

Data Validation & Enrichment has DIRECT benefit to your business. Data is the lifeblood of your business. Clean, accurate and comprehensive customer and prospect data is the prerequisite to any sales, marketing and customer management strategy and can deliver a range of benefits for businesses but most importantly it can help boost your sales and increase the lifetime value of your customers. It is a simple fact that in excess of 30% of your customer database will decay each year. That’s 30% of your customers who may never receive your marketing messages again. So data cleaning and data enhancement is essential for your business.

Your database can be expanded as many times as you wish. However, in order to keep its monetizing power at the highest levels, we recommend you enlist your marketing data for verification and re-verification on a regular basis. That said, data enrichment itself can be a perpetual process for successful businesses confident in catering to a fast-growing clientele.

Data Cleaning, Formatting & Standardization

Your database could be costing you money and preventing you from maximizing your sales potential. 5 Reasons why better data cleansing will make you shine:
- It will reduce KDM reach out costs
- It will reduce mailing & emailing costs
- It will increase response
- It will eliminate duplication
- It will improve accuracy

Data cleansing is an effective way to check and correct your business information, ensuring you always get the most from your database. The money that you could save could be redirected into opportunities to generate more revenue and profit. Under current trading conditions and the resulting restrictions on marketing budgets, updating and cleaning your database is now more important than ever. What is more, the mailings that you send your customer are the face of your business and if the address quality is poor, or people’s names are spelt incorrectly the image of your business as a professional organization is tarnished.

By using our data cleansing services ensure you maximise your business performance in future with clean up to date and accurate data.

Custom Data Build & Optimization

In order to get cracking with your marketing campaigns, you need to keep on identify new additions to your existing marketing list. To resolve such situations, we design data building procedures.

Data building is the foundation of outbound marketing. It is a process of gathering, collating and segmenting data according to protocols that facilitate the needs of a businesses.

Our methodology:
We have a master file of B2B marketing data, which includes more than 600,000 records. We ensure that the data provided to you are the most relevant records – so that you can find the maximum number of transformable prospects in a marketing file that your sales teams are about to use.
In case it turns out that our master file has fewer relevant records than you need, our sizeable tele research teams will provide us with the plug. Our data building process:
•Identification of the right industries
•Pinpointing organizations that need you
•Identifying the right profiles in them
•Agree on a database file format
•Collating data accordingly
•Internet research
•Fill up database in greater detail
•Validation of multi-level information

Building data alone is often inadequate in the sight of long-term benefits owing to inevitable changes in information. As a result, data appending, verification and cleansing remain necessary procedures that you should never avoid once you have a quality marketing list.

Data Analysis, Segmentation & Planning

As B2B companies turn to increasing targeted communications with relevant messages and offers, the role that Analytics and Segmentation play becomes critical to campaign success. Mark3 has extensive experience in determining targeting and segmentation strategies by a number of methods, including an established analytic methodology.

Segmentation: Segmentation is the "head" of the marketing campaign planning process because once you know who you are talking to, the rest of the process becomes much easier to execute.

Analytics: Companies are attempting to improve lead generation, sales conversion and sales force effectiveness. For example, many B2B companies are now offering products, services and even service contracts through their websites. Hence, they quickly find themselves in the direct marketing business, with all of its inherent newness and complexity for traditional firms.

How do you get your hands around the massive amounts of data that flow from these channels, so that you can understand where your sales and marketing dollars are working and where they are not? How do you determine what triggered a prospect to become an inquiry, lead, and a first-time buyer? What criteria seems to determine if a customer will become a loyal, long-term customer? In short, how do you use data to generate the most effective campaigns leading to long-term revenue and profit ?

Data Audit

Have a database, but not sure what is in place and what isn’t?
Get a Data Quality Audit by us and decide for yourself!!

Before rolling out any marketing campaign, get your database updated. But how would you do it?
• Use the same database (Its cost effective, but results are not guaranteed)
• Invest on a new database (Expensive, but results are guaranteed) OR
• Get a Data Audit on your database and rectify (Practical, cost effective with guaranteed results)

Just before rolling out Marketing campaigns, many firms end up leaving a huge hole in their pocket. This is because they try to fix issues, which hardly needs attention. Data auditing helps you understand the bare facts of your database and will ensure that every penny you invest results in multiplying your ROI.

Mark3 gets down to the skeletal facts of your database and points out specifically what you need for your database. Database auditing involves the process of observing a database so as to be aware of the actions of database users.

Once you submit your database to Mark3, we will identify the spots which require attention and also suggest you what can be done to keep it up-to-date.

Our Data Audit reports include specifications such as
• A summary of the Data submitted
• Exact data count, broken and segregated - the number of records, and the breakup of related contact information
• Gap specifications – We will run gap analysis module to understand missing data, data accuracy, data completeness and data inconsistencies and provide you with figures for the number of records that can be updated.
• List audit– Report will include suggestion on how many contacts can be appended and updated in your list

Mark3 Data Audit report will be provided in percentage, along with the exact number of data which would need your attention. The Report will also come with a summary sheet with suggestions on what has to be done and where exactly.
As an extensive amount of research goes into preparing the Data audit report, you can use it as a reference sheet before planning their next campaign.