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A marketers job is never easy. Managing & Balancing everything from email sends, to social media publishing, to CRM reports can make your head spin. Mark3 can simplify the chaos, and automate the nitty-gritty so that you can shift your focus to things like optimizing results and leapfrogging competitors.

Mark3 Marketing Automation Services can help you power your marketing programs with automated email drips, simple social publishing, powerful reporting, and so much more. Some of the salient features of the services include:

E-mail Marketing

Create newsletters and e-mail templates. Launch campaigns. Get real-time reports.

Forms & Landing Pages

Build forms to capture leads. Create landing pages. Drive traffic with e-mail & web ad campaigns.

Website Visitor Tracking & Social Media

Get real time views and engage easily with website visitors, social conversations and more.

Qualification & Scoring

Use profile attributes and response behavior to score leads & assess readiness to buy.

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