Lead Generation

  • Inbound Marketing

    Say hello to an improved bottom line with our
    Inbound Marketing Services...

    Discover new customers online through tactical and innovative marketing. Grow your business through creative inbound marketing tactics.

    Inbound Systems can keep you in the black by ensuring your pipeline is continuously being filled with qualified B2B leads. We’ll work with your in-house marketing team to take advantage of our proven inbound marketing systems.

    Why painstakingly select individual marketing services from multiple companies when Mark3 has a full Inbound Marketing service plan?

    How we Attract & Increase Qualified Traffic

    Inbound marketing is a holistic, data-driven approach to marketing that attracts qualified traffic, converts leads, and nurtures those leads into customers. Inbound marketing is a marketing strategy that focuses on getting found by your ideal prospects. It centers on three main marketing tactics: content marketing, search engine optimization and social media marketing.

    Attract & Increase Qualified Traffic

    Attract & Increase Qualified Traffic

    How we Convert More Leads

    We help your business grow by converting your website traffic into leads.
    We do this by using a combination of irresistible offers, call-to-actions, and landing pages.

    How we Nurture Leads into Paying Customers

    We help you delight your leads into becoming high paying customers.
    By gathering information they share with you about their issues we help your business answer the needs of your clients using nurturing and marketing automation.

    Attract & Increase Qualified Traffic
  • Outbound Marketing

    Sales lead generation and development

    While lead generation as a telemarketing service has been around for years, traditional techniques are poorly-equipped to unravel the rationale behind complex purchases.

    Our proprietary, account-based ‘dive and surf’ methodologies recognize that multiple lines of business might represent distinct decision centers, rather than focusing narrowly on individuals.

    Account profiling

    Our account profiling programs provide intelligence that is highly relevant to your sales pursuit. Whether your priority is gaining knowledge of installed systems and processes or understanding core business drivers, we can find the answers.
    We prefer to avoid the scripted survey approach, which can quickly alienate time-pressed executive decision-makers who hold key information. By building a bridge of trust and mutual respect, our seasoned tele research executives are able to probe deeply – even on sensitive business topics.

    Event recruitment

    Let us manage your entire event recruitment process, from awareness-building to managing registrations and confirmations, to maximize the quantity and quality of attendees. We’ll additionally pursue referrals within target organizations, searching our contacts for the most appropriate individual to attend.
    We can also supplement your target list with proprietary names from our database of 600,000+ IT decision-makers. Enhancing your list can often make the difference between a modestly successful event and an outstanding one.

    Response management / inbound lead qualification

    By engaging Mark3 to qualify and nurture your inbound enquiries, you can focus your team on truly sales-ready leads. Whether your enquiries are generated from email, web, telephone or direct mail, we can give you a global view of your sales pipeline and help pinpoint the best and worst performing marketing tactics.

    - Dedicated & Manned inbound lines
    - Normalization of enquiry record formats across all inbound modes
    - Support for all popular relational database formats
    - Direct entry into client CRM systems
    - Complex lead routing with customized formats
    - Sophisticated reporting and analytics

    Research surveys and market assessments

    Savvy marketers test their value proposition with actual decision-makers prior to launching a full-scale marketing initiative. Task us to survey your target market and we’ll provide key insights into the mind of your buyers and the impact of your sales message before you go live.
    Difficult and challenging research assignments are our specialty !!

    We’re ideally placed to fulfill projects with any of these characteristics:
    - You wish to interview with senior-level contacts such as CIOs and CFOs
    - You’re seeking in-depth discussions around complex topics
    - You’re looking for highly insightful and actionable findings

    Channel development

    If you’re keen to grow your channel business, we can introduce your company to the key resellers, co-marketers, OEMs, ISVs and other key partners you need. Beginning by developing a list of potential partners based on your criteria, we then approach each target organization to identify key contacts and initiate a dialogue. As interested partners emerge, we’ll make an introduction to the appropriate executive in your organization.
    As well as signing new partners, we can execute lead generation campaigns within your existing channel. Offer a complete portfolio of services to your channel partners including sales lead generation, appointment setting, database builds and targeted contact development.

    Win/loss analysis

    As part of a competitive win/loss analysis, our sales analysts can interview the key decision-makers and influencers in a target organization to develop a complete and unbiased understanding of the factors influencing the purchase decision. This might involve obtaining objective feedback on your sales presentation or product demo, or uncovering hidden biases and agendas that could affect overall perception of your brand and offering.
    We can support multiple concurrent aims by helping:
    - Sales to improve conversion ratios
    - Marketing to refine sales messaging and competitive positioning
    - Research teams to sharpen their go-to-market strategy
    - Product development teams to assimilate competitors’ functionality and benefits

    List Development

    Mark3 provides our clients with large, accurate lists of contacts with specific roles/titles to match their marketing and sales needs. If you are ramping up for upcoming events or marketing campaigns, our team can help you identify the right people at your choice of companies.

    We offer two levels of service:
    Title based development utilizes your desired list of titles and verifies name, address and contact details including email. Whether your titles are high profile or deeply embedded within the company, Mark3 verifies all data by phone.
    Role based development has evolved as the market has changed. Mark3 understands that some desired roles or job functions can sit with many different types of executives at any given company. In many other cases there is simply no industry standard for a job function. Using our proven methodology, Mark3 can gather those nuanced job roles your company is looking for.

    List Cleansing

    Independent tests by clients show Mark3’s data to be accurate at levels well above 90%-95%.
    Mark3 has a solution for clients that want email addresses for their contacts. Using proprietary matching, we can generate through extrapolation an email based on valid contact data. Each email gets tested for confirmation before being returned as 'invalid’. Mark3 can add this service to any project or execute as a standalone append/validity test for your current database.

    Appointment setting

    Not all appointment setting programs are alike. We deliver sales-ready telephone and/or in-person meetings with prospects, avoiding the need to tie up your high-value sales resource in non revenue-generating activity.
    We don’t stop at delivering a contact name, date and time – our appointments are enriched with intelligence on the prospect’s specific business pain or requirement.